5 Easy Tips to Beat Depression

5 Easy Tips to Beat Depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that by 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of premature death worldwide. The number of depressive episodes and severity can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Over a period of time, depression can become chronic with frequent recurring episodes if untreated.



Depression is no longer a forbidden topic. People worldwide acknowledge that depression can impact anyone, despite their age, sex, history or social standing.

Simply talking to someone, particularly if that individual is a friend or member of the family can truly help disperse the fog in your mind. If speaking with somebody close to you is too difficult, then consider speaking with your GP, a Counsellor or even a great service like Lifeline.



Negative thinking is often a catalyst for depression. This negativity usually leads to negative emotions, which in turn leads to negative actions. Often these negative actions keep repeating themselves resulting in the depression cycle repeating itself.

Breaking this destructive thought pattern is vital in stopping this depressive cycle. You can achieve this by challenging those negative thoughts every time they appear. When a negative thought enters your mind and tries to overpower you with sadness and low self-esteem, stop and ask yourself "Is that really true?" Refocus your thoughts and visualise the end result you want to achieve in your life.



When depressed it is often very difficult to have the enthusiasm to do anything. Accomplishing even the most mundane or simple tasks can seem impossible and so giving up before you even start is often the case.

A great way to improving your mood and self-esteem is to set small goals. When you see yourself reaching these goals, this has a huge impact on your outlook on life. With this in mind, each day set yourself a small goal and make sure you actually complete it. Small goals, if done consistently and on a regular basis, can lead to great long-term results.



This might appear a very simple action however making certain you stand up straight really assists to destroy the cycle of depression and also provides a practical instant 'lift' in your feelings. Have you ever noticed how someone suffering depression walks They will generally be slumped over, shoulders hunched forward and eyes downcast.

The advantages of standing up straight benefits both the body and mind mentally and physically. It is clinically verified that individuals that have excellent posture, often have fewer physical joint and back pain as well as lesser mental frustrations. 



When we exercise it releases "happy chemicals" called endorphins. This natural release of endorphins gives an immediate injection of happiness in our body. It also helps you sleep better and lower stress levels.

Long-term benefits associated with regular exercise include increased energy levels, improved muscle tone, strength and reduction in body fat to name a few. Exercise is a great way to take your mind off negativity while looking and feeling great,



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