Back Pain Basics

Back Pain Basics

Back pain, in particular, lower back pain is often associated with any of the parts that make up the back namely the vertebrae, nerves, ligaments and muscles.

Lower back pain can be caused by problems with the back structure itself and straining back muscles and ligaments. The spine is made up of vertebrae. In between each vertebra are disks which house tissue that cushion the space between the vertebra.

Damaged disks crushing nerves can produce extreme pain in the back. Strains often happen with sudden awkward movements and lifting heavy items incorrectly.

1)  Inability to stand up straight without pain
2)  Lack of back flexibility
3)  Dull pain or stabbing pain from the back to the foot

Strains from doing general activities usually are temporary and can last a few days. With proper rest, TLC, ice packs and pain relief, symptoms should improve.

Chronic back pain is classified as suffering back pain symptoms for more than 3 months. There are many reasons for chronic back pain and a visit to your Doctor is recommended to determine the cause and possible treatments.


Seeking professional medical advice will help provide suitable treatment options based on the severity of your condition. Some treatments may include:

1)  Anti-inflammatory medication but side effects are possible if taken incorrectly 
2)  Ice packs to reduce inflammation 
3)  Heat packs to the affected area once inflammation is longer present 
4)  Core muscle exercises  
5)  Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)  
6)  Massage and relaxation techniques

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  • Ardi McCormack