Body Care Essentials

Body Care Essentials

Your body reflects your health and by creating healthy routines that nourish and revitalise your body is important for everyone to look and feel their best. 

Many of us have a tendency to place more focus on our face than on the remainder of our body when it comes to skin care. That's understandable since your face makes the first impression upon someone. However it's just as important to take care of the rest of our body,

Basic body care tips:
1)  Using the same type of facial skin care products works just as well as on the other areas of our body. This includes anti-oxidants, skin-replenishing ingredients, retinol, enriching oils and body butter.

2)  Dealing with breakouts on the back (bacne), neck, thighs or bottom can be frustrating, painful and embarrassing. Just like the face, blocked pores are responsible and so unclogging them with a gentle water-soluble cleanser that doesn't contain oils or fragrances. Avoid abrasive body scrubs or loofahs. 

3)  Applying a well-formulated non-irritating exfoliate to the affected areas and follow up with a benzoyl peroxide product. Research reveals that benzoyl peroxide is the best choice for reducing stubborn acne, wherever it lurks on your body.

Whether male or female, your hair reflects your health and by creating healthy routines that protect your hair is important for looking and feeling great. 

The initial step in hair care is taking a look at your diet. Two important things to consider is iron and protein. The hair cells are the fastest growing cells in the body, however, they are also the first suffer.

Basic hair care tips:
1)  It's quite normal to lose a lot of hair strands when brushing your hair. Wet hair is fragile and prone to breaking easily, so comb wet hair with extra care. Choose to use a broad tooth comb from roots to the end of your hair to help protect wet hair.

2)  Trim hair regularly to remove split ends. Removing unhealthy hair strands will help stimulate growth and plus your hair will feel and look so much better.

3)  Try not to wash your hair every day and use sulphate free same shampoo and conditioner. Researchers suggest that sulphates strip natural essential oils from the hair.

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  • Ardi McCormack