5 Stress Busting MOJO Foods

5 Stress Busting MOJO Foods

Hectic schedules, work due dates and other ecological aspects promote tension and decrease the natural defenses of the body. Consumption of healthy foods can have a favourable impact on minimising stress efficiently and naturally.  

Here are 5 stress-busting MOJO foods that fight tension:

https//majesticavocado.com/page/blog-5-stress-busting-foods1. AVOCADOS (Of course Avocados are number one on the list - "D'oh")

Avocados have shown to be useful for combating tension. The velvety fruit includes glutathione that obstructs the absorption of fats accountable for oxidative damage in the cells by free radicals.

The fruit likewise increases satiety and you feel more satisfied. This decreases stress and promotes much better health. Since avocados are high in fats, think about restricting your consumption by simply eating only half of the delicious fruit per day.


This pretty coloured fruit is a tested tension buster. Like avocados, blueberries are stuffed with anti-oxidants that invigorate and restore harmed cells.

This berry has a gut load of anti-oxidants can also enhance the body's action to combat tension, stress and anxiety. So, keep a punnet of blueberries close by and pop a couple whenever you feel stressed.


Eating this heavenly treat might be the supreme pleasure for chocolate fans, however not all dark chocolate has the power to fight tension. The good news is, that some dark chocolate can have a peaceful result on the body.

Research studies expose that consuming dark chocolate consisting of over 70% in cocoa reveal a decrease in cortisol, the stress hormonal agent.
Before you race out the door to get your next chocoholic fix, check out this dark chocolate buyers guide. 


Nuts have actually constantly been a fantastic treat, and have additional health benefits. Cashew nuts are loaded with proteins and omega-3s that decrease yearnings and make you feel complete.

This crispy nut is abundant in zinc that assists in avoiding tension. Zinc deficiency is among the significant reasons for stress and anxiety.
For a tasty snack, grab a couple of cashews on the go and increase your zinc levels naturally.


Consuming salmon has numerous health advantages, the significant being tension relief. The fish is abundant in omega-3 fat which is an effective anti-inflammatory representative.

Research studies reveal that consuming salmon assists in minimising the tension hormonal agent cortisol, in addition to adrenaline and causes a soothing impact. Individuals who take in salmon regularly have revealed a minimised level of stress, compared with those who do not eat salmon. Look out Sushi Train!

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