How Many Calories In An Avocado?

How Many Calories In An Avocado?

Avocados are the pear-shaped fruit of avocado trees. They are a great resource for nutritional fibre. Fibre not only helps prevent constipation but also assists in making you feel fuller for longer and therefore might help against over-eating.

Avocados are low in sugar, sodium-free and cholesterol-free. They also provide an abundant source of many minerals and vitamins including:

1)  Betaine 
2)  B vitamins (except B-12)
3)  Calcium
4)  Choline
5)  Copper
6)  Folate
7)  Iron
8)  Magnesium
9)  Manganese
10) Phosphorus

11) Potassium
12) Vitamin A
13) Vitamin C
14) Vitamin E
15) Vitamin K

16) Zinc

The recommended serving size is approximately one-fifth of a medium-sized avocado. Here’s a look at the number of calories and fat in the avocado. 

Serving size Calories and fat
1 serving (1/5 of an avocado) 50 calories, 4.5 grams total fat
1/2 of an avocado (medium) 130 calories, 12 grams total fat
1 avocado (medium, whole) 250 calories, 23 grams total fat


Although avocados are high in fat, it's not the kind of saturated fat that you find in some red meat, junk food and full-fat dairy products. There is only a small trace of saturated fat in avocados. They tend to contain mostly monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). MUFAs are believed to lower your "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and increase your "good) cholesterol (HDL).

Including avocados into your diet regimen can be as simple as:
1)  Replace butter on toast with mashed avocado.
2)  Puree avocado and use in hot pasta instead of the usual pasta sauce.
3)  Leaving the skin on, cut half an avocado and crack an egg into the centre and bake until the egg is cooked.
4)  Put avocado slices onto scrambled eggs. 
5)  Dice avocado pieces and toss into any type of salad.
6)  Use pureed avocado instead of sour cream on top of your baked potato.

Avocados provide a healthy and balanced alternative to other fats, however, be careful not to consume them continuously as you may notice an increase in weight gain. As usual, moderation is best. 

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  • Ardi McCormack