Select, Ripen and Store Avocados

Select, Ripen and Store Avocados

It can be challenging to select the very best avocado when you're shopping at your favourite store. However, as soon as you understand exactly what to search for and identify the very best level of ripeness for your requirements, you can be guaranteed to return home with an excellent choice.

When selecting avocados, gently pressing the top will reveal its ripeness. Avoid squeezing avocados say producers, there are better ways to test ripeness. 

To ripen avocados, put them in a paper bag with other fruits like apples or bananas for two to three days at room temperature.

Apples and bananas contain ethylene gas. This natural producing plant hormone triggers the ripening process.

To slow ripen avocados, put them in the fridge away from other fruits and vegetables.
Getting the most out of your delicious avocado is very easy.


Using a simple four-step process will ensure you enjoy every morsel.

1)  Using a ripe avocado make a lengthwise cut around the seed.

2)  Gently twist the halves to separate.

3)  Using the tip of a spoon, carefully lift the seed out. You don't have to throw away the seed, how about growing your own avocado tree? 

4)  To peel the skin back, place the avocado cut side down. Starting at the small end first, use your fingers or a spoon and merely scoop out the delicious flesh.


Fresh avocados can be saved in their cut and uncut form. Determining the length of time the fruit can be kept safely will depend on ripeness.

Oxidation or “browning” occurs when the avocado flesh is directly exposed to oxygen in the air. In addition to the oxygen, there is the existence of phenolic compounds in the avocado itself.

Once the fruit is cut, the cellular walls are broken which triggers this natural oxidation to happen.

The best way to preserve the quality and edibility of the flesh is to refrigerate immediately.



1)  Squeeze the acidic juice from a lemon or lime on the exposed flesh.

2)  Tightly wrap the exposed area with plastic cling wrap/film.

3)  Placing the fruit in an air-tight container can offer protection and reduce air exposure.

4)  Keep the avocado seed intact and only remove when ready to devour its creamy centre.

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  • Ardi McCormack