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Avocado Seed Health Benefits

Avocado Seed Health Benefits

The mighty avocado is no doubt a Super Food, but is the seed a Super Seed? The seed is also known as a pit and a stone. Whatever you decide to call it, here are some interesting facts. 


The avocado seed is framed in a thick skin and also includes 13-18% of the entire fruit.  The seed comprises of:

1)  Dietary fibre 
2)  Carbohydrates mainly starch
3)  Fatty acids
4)  Small percentage of proteins

5)  A wide variety of phytochemicals

Phyochemicals are natural compounds essential for sustaining life and are found in

vegetables and fruits.

Avocado seeds may have some health benefits 


1)  Reduction in cholesterol
2)  Blood vessel relaxation promoting lower blood pressure   
3)  Valuable antioxidant properties
4)  Protection from harmful bacteria

The research to support these benefits is weak, and there are concerns that the seeds

may contain harmful substances.


The pro’s versus the con's are not completely understood yet.

The study on avocado seed usage is extremely restricted. In the reports that do exist, researchers confirm that more study should be done to identify whether it's useful or not to consume them.

In addition, some research studies have concentrated on the prospective advantages of the avocado seed, rather than the safe consumption of the seed itself.


Can you eat the seed or not? Consumers and dietitians are seeking opinions from renowned avocado producers in search of answers to this very question.

Therefore, the seed maybe an under-utilised part of the avocado.  We may find it a shame to throw out this potentially abundant resource offering so many possible health benefits, which science will one day prove.

However, until more study is done to confirm if the seeds are safe to eat, I will stay with the proven health benefits of eating the fruit flesh.


Just because you have found something on the web doesn’t necessarily mean it is true.
Please do your own due diligence.
Consult with your physician before making any decision to eat the seed.


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