Avocado Stone Artwork

Avocado Stone Artwork

One day in 2014, Jan was innocently preparing an avocado for lunch when she had a fantastic idea for the seemingly mundane stone on the inside.

Where most other people simply remove the stone and throw them away, Jan, like the great sculptor Michelangelo, saw a future work of art beneath its surface.

Jan Campbell - Avocado Stone Carving Artist Extraordinaire and her magical creations

After weeks of considering it's vast potential, Jan started enlarging a surface scratch on the stone and morphed it into an astounding piece of art!

Since that fateful day, the Irish artist has been producing magical figures from the stones that are inspired by mystical Celtic folklore, and they have been amazing people from all over the globe!  

Jan now sells a range of these brilliantly crafted collector's items and it's no surprise that people are willing to pay hundreds of euros for each one. They truly are fantastic designs that capture the imagination . . .

Follow the amazing transformation from avocado stone to Jan's incredible creations here:




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  • Ardi McCormack