Cure Dizziness & Vertigo naturally

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary the definition of:

DIZZINESS: A temporary feeling that your sense of balance is not good and that you may fall down.

VERTIGO: A feeling of spinning around and being unable to balance, often caused by looking down from a height.

Although dizziness is fairly common it is not a serious condition. However, you should immediately consult with a medical professional if you experience frequent episodes of dizziness. Dizziness in itself is not a disease but rather a symptom of various disorders. Dizziness can also be a result of vertigo. Vertigo can be described as a spinning sensation. It is caused by a problem within the inner ear. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is the most common cause of this condition.

BPPV: Due to this inner ear problem, the inner ear balance organs sends incorrect messages to the brain tricking it to believe the body is moving when in fact it is not. That is why a person feels like they are spinning when looking up, bending or rolling over to lie on one side in bed. This condition although uncomfortable is not serious except if dizziness results in an injury from a fall.

SYMPTOMS: May include:
1)  Loss of balance
2)  Feeling faint
3)  Nausea

4)  Blurred vision


Seeking professional medical advice will help provide suitable treatment options based on the severity on your condition. Some treatments may include taking prescribed medication but side effects could be the same as the symptoms themselves. 

Sometimes over a period of weeks, BPPV can actually go away itself without any intervention necessary. However, there is no need to wait weeks for this to happen as natural treatments are available. Simple movement-based techniques are sometimes all that is required. Although dizziness and vertigo don't usually kill people, many suffer from broken bones, head injuries and loss of cognitive function because of internal bleeding from a fall.


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