Destroy Depression without Medication

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary the definition of:

DEPRESSION: The state of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future.

A mental illness in which a person is very unhappy and anxious (= worried and nervous) for long periods and cannot have a normal life during these periods.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that by 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of premature death worldwide. The number of depressive episodes and severity can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. Over a period of time, depression can become chronic with frequent recurring episodes if untreated.

SYMPTOMS: May include:
1)  Low energy
2)  Unmotivated
3)  Negative thoughts
4)  Anxious and worried
5)  Loss of concentration
6)  Feel sad all the time

7)  Restless

Seeking professional medical advice will help provide suitable treatment options based on the severity of your condition. You may be recommended to complete a simple depression test.

If you would like to complete a depression test in the comfort of your own home you can do so anonymously, without supplying an email address and no record is kept. There are various other for treatment options including the prescription of anti-depressant drugs. Possible side effects need to be taken into consideration

Common side effects from anti-depressants include:
1)  Insomnia
2)  Weight gain
3)  Nausea
4)  Dizziness

5)  Fatigue

Irving Kirsch Associate Director of the Program in Placebo Studies at Harvard Medical School states that:

"Depression is a serious problem, but drugs are not the answer. In the long run, psychotherapy is both cheaper and more effective, even for very serious levels of depression. Physical exercise and self-help books based on CBT can also be useful, either alone or in combination.”

Alternatives to taking anti-depressants include natural options which should also be considered. This simple program destroys depression without the use of anti-depressants or expensive therapy sessions.

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