Lifestyle Gift Cards

According to the Cambridge Online Dictionary, the definition of:

LIFESTYLE: Someone's way of living, the things that a person or a particular group of people usually do.

GIFT: A present or something that is given.

The joy of giving gifts is both a pleasure to the giver and the receiver. There's something about giving a gift that you know is actually useful, motivating and results driven to help that special person in your life achieve their goals.

There is something amazing about receiving a gift that has been thoughtfully selected, personalised just for you with the added bonus of being beneficial to not only the receiver but everyone else in their life.  

Lifestyle gifts have the ability to transform people individually, collectively and within the workplace and community as well. If someone becomes healthier, fitter, happier, physically, mentally and spiritually the benefits flow through all of these areas.

The beneficial flow-on effects are numerous and include the individual living healthier for longer, being more energized and inspired on a personal and professional level. Quality of family relationships improve because of this transformation and the workplace and community benefits from a decrease in sick days, increased productivity and less demand for medical and psychological services.

Whether you are looking for a gift for:

Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Moms, Bride to Be, Christmas or any other celebration, then give a lifestyle gift. What better way to show your love and appreciation by personally designing a gift card especially for them.

1)  Choose a cash amount so the recipient can decide their own gift or;
2)  You choose from 35 various programs suitable for all types of people including, new moms, sports-minded, business professionals, frequent flyers to name a few. Prices range from $15 USD to $80 USD or,

3)  You choose a month, 3 month or annual subscription ranging from just $18 USD to $120 USD.   

1)  Choose from 12 general design themes or 3 love design themes 
2)  Enter the recipient's name and sender's name as you would like them to appear on the gift card 
3)  Include a personal message 
4)  Preview the gift card before sending

5)  Decide whether to email the gift card directly to the recipient or you can have the option of the email being sent directly to you to print and deliver personally 

NOTE: Gift cards expire after 6 months if not used.

If you're ready to give a gift that is actually:
a)  Useful 
b)  Life-changing 
c)  Can be purchased from the comfort of your own home instantly 
d)  Is personalized by you 
e)  Can be sent anonymously as a surprise without expensive postage or time delays

f)  Have the option of printing the gift certificate and personally delivering yourself

Majestic Avocado has partnered with Yoga Download, an amazing passionate health and wellness company whose global desire resonates with our goal for all to live a healthy, balanced and happy life.



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