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https//majesticavocado.com/page/our-storyMy name is Ardi. Please allow me to share my story of how this Avocado saved my life. I am not a professional writer, so this is just a genuine and honest account of how easily and quickly our circumstances in life can change. I am a very private person and so was reluctant to write this. I do not enjoy talking about myself or sharing my utmost personal secrets either.

I try to be mindful of what I say but I'm human so I am bound to say things I don't want to. However, I do try to say positive words that are encouraging. If I don't have anything positive to say then I try not to say anything at all, hence why I didn't talk to family and friends about my situation. Some of my family and friends had recently lost loved ones and were still in the grieving process and still are.

I also didn't want to burden others when people have enough of their own dramas to deal with. I am more interested in other people and what I can do for them. Lil, my best friend, and Sister in Christ encouraged me to share my story to inspire and help others out there who may be struggling with life-changing events as well.

Most challenges I'd have to say are unwanted. The old saying it "build's character makes you stronger" . . . Yeah right! Don't you hate it when someone tells you that, especially when you are not in a positive mindset!

Well, frankly I think I don't need any more character building thank you very much. I have had enough character building to last a lifetime. However, in saying that, these challenges do allow us to grow and learn. It reminds us of the precious gift of life, how fragile it truly is.

These challenges also remind us that no matter what life throws at you, you have the power to embrace these challenges. It's really all up to you how you deal with these challenges. So let me take you on an interesting trip . . .

Up until the 9th March 2018, I use to drive these beautiful "big girls" in the mining industry. I was at work and before this particular night shift, I felt both physically and mentally unwell. What little sleep I had was not sufficient to safely work a 12.5 hour shift, so decided not to go in. The next night I felt the same, and again had very little sleep.

This time, I decided to get on the bus to site. It was an agonising trip, full of dread and a feeling of uneasiness. I didn't talk much to my workmates, instead staring into space with a sense of foreboding. Have you ever had that feeling in your gut? Well, this was that time.

I guess I went to work to show everyone that I really did appreciate my job and I wasn't faking anything. As soon as we arrived on site and I hopped off the bus, I knew it was a mistake. I went straight up to my Supervisor and declared myself unfit for work. As embarrassing as this was, it was necessary for the safety of myself and my workmates.

The next few weeks and then months turned into a nightmare. I ended up in a hospital where I had a lengthy stay being examined, poked and prodded by many Doctors, Psychologists, and Neurosurgeons. Each day brought some new test, blood, brain scans, chest xrays . . .

A lumbar punch was also on the cards but I freaked out about that one, and thankfully Glenn (my amazing husband) was able to put a stop to this happening. After what seemed an eternity, we finally started to get some answers as to why I had this medical episode. I started to look back over the last 18 months and started thinking . . .

The minor periods of illness I suffered during this time, were they a prelude to this event? I'm glad we now have answers, but probably not the answers we wanted. I would have preferred being told, "you are the proud owner of an Aston Martin DB 9" (I'm a huge Bond fan) instead of being told . . . 

You have one ("BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE" - sadly no steak knives included) but two brain tumors (Meningiomas) One is a Grade I and I've named it B1. The second one is a possible Grade II but more likely a Grade I and its name is B2. I will leave it to your imagination as to what the B stands for!!


Meningioma = mengi (sitting on the mengi, which is one of the external linings of the brain)

Oma = denoting tumor or other abnormal growths.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are 3 grades of meningiomas.

For most tumors, the lower the grade, the better the prognosis.

Grade I – Usually benign, very slow growing.

Grade II – Atypical, the tumor grows more quickly and can either be benign or malignant.

Grade III – Tumor grows and spreads very quickly and is often called anaplastic or malignant meningioma.

B1 and B2 are both located in the frontal lobe. Glenn (a retired intensive care paramedic) has done a lot of research on meningiomas. His extensive research has revealed some interesting international reports. Tumors found in this part of the brain can be related to depression and suicide.   

B2 needs further investigation to accurately determine if it is a Grade I or Grade II. A further brain scan in six months (watch this space) will hopefully reveal that B2 is behaving itself and not growing quicker than we would like. Then all going well, yearly scans will be the norm. If not, we will switch to Plan B (I don't know what that is but God willing, we will figure it out)

Naughty B2 is located close to an artery in my brain. At this stage, my Neuro is not concerned one bit. We were advised to be aware of any neurological changes i.e. partial or complete loss of vision, balance or walking difficulty. WOW, OK THEN -  #@$% !!

Soooo with this latest update on B2, I made the decision to resign from my job as a Haul Truck Operator in the Bowen Basin on 18th June 2018. PS: When I have the next brain scan (possibly December 2018 or early 2019) we will be seeking a second opinion, so if anyone knows a compassionate Neuro please let us know!!

https//majesticavocado.com/page/our-storyThe decision to resign from my job was made for a number of reasons.
1. My respect for the company I worked for. HSE Mining provided the most amazing support during my 3 1/2 months absence. What they did for my family and I is a credit to the company, and we are extremely grateful.

2. I had genuine safety concerns for my workmates and of course myself. I have had the privilege of driving these massive haul trucks for over 6 years in Zinc, Iron Ore and recently Coal. I have made some amazing friends during this time. I will always be thankful, for the opportunity to have been part of the incredible resource industry in this great country of ours.

Yes, I am a Kiwi, and Aroha (meaning Love) is my real name, but Ardi is my nickname. My outrigging coach on Hamilton Island couldn't say Aroha. In his frustration one day, he yelled out the name Ardi, and it has stuck ever since. Yes, I do support the mighty All Blacks whenever they play the Wallabies. However, I do support the Wallabies when they are playing any other team other than the All Blacks!!

Although I still love NZ, I am a proud Ozzie by citizenship. Unlike some of our Politicians, I only have one passport. An Australian one!! I love Australia and have been married to Glenn (an Ozzie) for nearly 22 years. We celebrate this incredible milestone on 15th September 2018. We also have a beautiful daughter born and bred in good ole Townsville. Home to the talented kookaburra laughing Jonathan Thurston (JT) and the Cowboys. So I still call Australia home. Sounds like a song doesn’t it?

https//majesticavocado.com/page/our-storyThroughout these past few months, I have suffered severe depression and anxiety. There have been some very dark days. I felt that there was no hope, so why bother. There were too many times I didn't want to get out of bed. Sadly there were also times when I didn't want to wake up.

The sort of feeling my sister Maria must have had when she tragically committed suicide on 3rd August 1984. I was 18 yrs old, Maria was just 23 yrs old. Maria was such a gifted artist and had so much to offer the world. Sadly she was unable to get out of the darkness, unable to communicate to us about what she was going through. As Maria's 34th anniversary draws near, we also mourn the loss of another family member. Tragically the black dog claimed a much-loved Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Uncle, and Friend on 31st August 2017. 

Due to my depression, I actually prayed to God to give me a heart attack or something else while I slept. I thought my family would be better off financially, as they would have my life insurance and superannuation. But alas the good Lord allowed me to wake up and fight another day. So I realised my life is in His hands, He still has work for me to do for Him. My story isn't over yet.

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.   Phillipians 3:13-14 NIV

For a long time, Glenn had to make all the decisions for me as I was unable to think for myself. Simple tasks like what clothes to put on, what cup was I going to use and making a phone call were all painfully difficult. I couldn't concentrate and was unable to focus on anything.

Glenn would say to me, "Wheres Ardi gone? I want my Ardi back" I would have to say Ardi was MIA (Missing In Action) I basically tuned out. I turned my back on the world because I couldn't cope with having to talk to anyone. I didn't want to explain why I hadn't been in touch. The severe depression didn't allow me to have a positive happy outlook, to smile, to hug, to laugh, to sing. People who know me would understand that this is not normal behaviour for Ardi. As Shanae pointed out to me recently, she said "Mum you were like a turtle, you would retreat back into your shell where it was safe" . . .

It has been a traumatic journey where I have battled a roller coaster ride of depression, anxiety, endless worry, guilt and financial concerns about our future. But thanks to many loving amazing people in my life, I am out of the darkness and back in the light where I am now excited about the future.


Jesus my Lord and Saviour your word promises a plan for the future.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

With you, all things are possible.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”    Matthew 19:26 NIV

Because of your unconditional love, forgiveness of all my sins, past, present and future I am still here. You have a purpose and a plan for not only me but for all who accept your gracious gift of eternal life.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.   John 3:16 NIV

Glenn my best friend and husband.  He has been by my side day and night helping me through the most difficult time of my life. In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, true to our vows we spoke on our wedding day, Glenn has stuck by me.

Shanae our beautiful daughter who has endured some of her own life challenges as well as see her Mum struggle with health issues. Through all of this despite the heartaches, she has persevered, matured and grown stronger for it.

Buddie our beloved Jack Russell we rescued from the Gladstone RSPCA 5 years ago. Although Buddie isn't a person, we often think he is. His unconditional love and obsession with Glenn (I swear Buddie is in love with Glenn) he is in Glenn's words "my furry little friend"

Family who took us into their homes. We will forever be grateful for your love and support during an uncertain time in our lives, where confusion, loss, and sadness consumed me. 

Friends who took the time out of their busy schedules to talk with me, pray for me and visit us. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

https//majesticavocado.com/page/our-storyWest Angelas Crew, The Pilbara my wonderful and thoughtful ole workmates. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I MISS OUR CREW!! A huge, humungous, big, large, massive thanks to you guys. It is because of your generosity, that I was able to transition from an unemployed haul truck operator, to a self-employed 
e-commerce business owner!!

You guys don't know how much of a blessing you all are to us. I had exhausted all sick leave and Glenn had put his Medical Science degree on hold. He became my full-time carer and we had no income coming in. Your unexpected generosity has provided an opportunity for a new career.

I researched online at possible options and asked the Lord for His guidance. The result is Majestic Avocado. An existing website that was for sale. The previous owner starting this business but due to other commitments was unable to continue adding content and maintaining the website. 

So thanks to my ole crew, I was able to purchase the Majestic Avocado website. Register the business name, secure the com.au domain name, buy several online business training courses, a multi-purpose laser colour printer/scanner/copier/fax machine and office stationery!! I now have a new lease on life.

I have been busy updating the website, adding my own creative style and sourcing new products. I am learning soooo much about HTML coding, social media, SEO, affiliate marketing, photography, blogging and creating videos!! It's totally mind-boggling. It's a huge challenge but I am loving every second of it.

Majestic Avocado allows me to grow an online business from the comfort of my own home. I no longer have to carry the guilt and burden of being a FIFO worker, spending more time at work than at home. I don't have to worry so much about B1 and B2. I am safe in the knowledge that medical attention is close by if needed. Being home every night with my family is a real blessing as well.


I re-invented the original concept of Majestic Avocado and came up with its new improved version. We now provide a holistic shopping experience for the healthy, eco-conscious consumer looking for handmade, all-natural, unique products that are made a better way. By using the power of affiliate marketing we can provide healthy solutions for Body, Soul, Family, Home and Pets.

Our focus is providing quality products and helpful information within the Avocado, Eco-Friendly, Organic and Vegan sectors. Majestic Avocado supports Global and Local Independent Makers and Green Business's committed to sustainable practices, production and social responsibility. We also are an advocate for RUOK? Lifeline, Headspace, the Black Dog Institute, Beyond Blue and Focus on the Family.

My goal for Majestic Avocado is to share a very personal story in the hope of inspiring others and to share the Gospel. Let me encourage you today that if you are going through a challenging time and you feel there is no hope, let me tell you there is hope in Him. No matter what you think you have done wrong in this life, you are forgiven. Reach out to Jesus today and receive His Grace.  

Because I have hope in Jesus, I can go on despite . . .  

1)  Two brain tumors (Meningiomas) that will require regular scans to check the growth of B1 and B2
2)  On medication to treat Depression
3)  On medication to treat High Blood Pressure
4)  Sleep Apnea (Now cured. Find out how I no longer snore and don't need my CPAP machine)
5)  Voluntarily resigned from a high paying mining job due to health issues
6)  Unemployed with no income (yet) 

I am excited about the future because Jesus loves me. He is my provider, my protector, I am forgiven, He approves of me and He has a plan for me. If I can create a website and set up an online business and deal with the above, then there is nothing stopping you from living the life you deserve.

YOU ARE AMAZING, YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!https//majesticavocado.com/page/our-story 

**  Be inspired
**  Be encouraged
**  Love and be loved
**  Laugh out loud
**  Smile at someone
**  Hug someone
**  Be grateful, be thankful
**  Tell someone you love them
**  Go forward with confidence and purpose


    To your success. Onwards and upwards. Love Ardi xxx