Workout together with your Dog

According to a study conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over 56% of dogs are overweight in the USA. This number is likely to increase further still unless pet owners actively play a part in making sure their canine companion remains in good shape. For pets to get healthy, it is important for dog owners to arm themselves with better knowledge that is focused on how to get their pets on track. 

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PETS HEALTH CONDITION: Before you can start plotting those fitness goals for your furry buddy, it’s important that you first find out what exactly it is you’re working with. This means paying a visit to the vet for a general wellness checkup. The average dog owner only takes their pet to the vet around twice a year according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Twice in a year doesn’t give a lot of opportunities to understand their pet’s current state of health; it also is not enough to know what else to do to elevate that health. Going to the vet for scheduled checkups can give you a stronger idea of what your dog needs more of and what you need to reduce.



Vets will typically advise that pets get two strolls a day lasting at least 15 mins each. Sculpting out a long time in your day for this not just benefits your pet dog but you too. When both owners and pets have regular routines, the better the probabilities that both get much healthier.

Ultimately, your strong involvement will be the deciding factor on whether or not your pet will get the lifestyle shakeup that they need. A dog owner that makes it a point to include themselves in the activities that help keep their pets in top shape have a stronger chance of attaining their own goals.

Make a commitment and have a daily routine where both you and your furry friend make positive steps toward healthier habits together.

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